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​Next Up Athlete


My company is dedicated to assisting female athletes exclusively. I work with families to come up with a recruiting game plan that will optimize the student athlete’s chances to receive financial assistance for college, and to continue playing the sport they love.

The playing field for women’s and men’s athletics as far as recruiting goes is greatly disproportioned.  Men’s programs receive far more revenue to recruit talented athletes compared to women’s programs in all sports. Next Up Athlete’s main objective is to create options for college coaches all across the country to recruit St. Louis area female athletes that they previously would not have had the option to due to budget restraints.

I am more than happy to talk to any athlete or parent about their recruiting needs or to just offer some advice (no obligations). Whether a family decides to use my services or not, the information I can provide is invaluable to ensure your student athlete is doing everything she can to create options. Call or email me anytime if you have any questions. My phone number is (636) 697-6302 or email me at

Thank you,

Corky Riley
Next Up Athlete